After John McCain Blocks Border Wall, Mike Huckabee Exposes His Dirty Secret

This week it was reported that Senator John McCain will be once again siding with the Democrats. McCain is apparently working with Democratic Senator Christoper Coons to find a path to citizenship for DACA members – and the legislation he is proposing does not include the funding for President Trump’s border wall.

McCain continues to show his loyalty to Democrats rather than his own party. And worse yet, he is choosing illegal immigrants over the American people. President Trump campaigned on the promise to build the wall, and America continues to show their support. Why do Democrats continue to put our country at risk?

Mike Huckabee had some public critiques of John McCain’s blatant betrayal:

“John McCain’s ‘open border, no wall, amnesty’ plan is reason he isn’t @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump is. Less chance of being passed than Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters teaming up on Dancing w/ the Stars and winning.”

Huckabee also had a brief interview with Fox News where he discussed the tragedy of the Colts linebacker being killed by an illegal immigrant driving drunk.

“It’s really about the fact that he had been deported twice. It’s about the fact that he was drunk. He was driving with an illegal driver’s license. He didn’t have a valid driver’s license. All of this was unnecessary. If we had border security, he would’ve been deported once – well first of all he wouldn’t have gotten in – but once deported he wouldn’t have come back.”

There are numerous causes that the Democrats refused to applaud during the President’s recent State of the Union address; among them are the American flag, countless new jobs having been created, border security, and bonuses for working Americans.

And while the American people (Democrats and Republicans alike) are still scratching their heads and wondering how we have so many “representatives” that are clearly unsupportive of our leader, even when he is addressing and solving issues that strongly impact the lives of the citizens; Republican Senator of Arizona, Jeff Flake, was pitching a hissy fit over lighthearted comments made recently by President Trump.

On Monday, during a speech in Cincinnati, Trump asked supporters what they thought about the Democrat’s refusal to stand for our nation during his SOTU address:

“Can we call that treason? Why not. They certainly didn’t seem to love our country very much.”

On Tuesday, Jeff Flake whined about Trump’s comments:

“I have seen the president’s most ardent defenders use the now-weary argument that the president’s comments were meant as a joke, just sarcasm, only tongue in cheek. As members of Congress, we must not ever accept undignified discourse as normal because of the requirements of tribal party politics.”

Governor Mike Huckabee wasted no time in his brutal response, tweeting the following:

“So Jeff “Flaky Flake” is giving us another lecture on the Senate floor and going after @POTUS again…how will the Republican party and in fact THE REPUBLIC itself survive when he’s gone? #notsoonenough”

Based on the amount of retweets and Twitter responses from Arizona residents supporting Huckabee for his clapback, it seems that Flake has enough problems back home to deal with without trying to call the President out on semantics!

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